About One Vision Photography

We are passionate about taking beautiful photographs and discovering and unfolding the emotional connections that bind people together. It’s my goal as a photographer to capture your special day, not only in a way that tells your story without words but in a way that will remind you both of all the beautiful emotion that surrounds you and your lover.

My approach to photographing weddings is simple. I let the day unfold, untouched and unrehearsed. You will never see me pose a moment or ask you to repeat it since, after all, the best moments are the ones that happen naturally. Since every wedding is unique and different, I try to walk into each wedding with a completely open eye and mind to find the best way to capture the events unfold. I will capture your day with an honest look, letting the day unveil itself in all its beauty.


Wedding photography and Videography specialists in South Wales plus if you are looking for more fun in the evening look at our Photo Booth to capture even more fantastic memories.

If you would like to have a free consultation or chat about your wedding day or everything else, please free to contact us. Thank You.


We are an award winning photography business in south wales to view our award click the link thank you.


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