First and second shooter Terms and Conditions for One Vision.

Terms and Conditions from for Photographers and Videographers

Welcome to One Vision Photography ®. By agreeing to work with us, you automatically adhere to the terms and conditions outlined herein, which encompass copyright and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws that safeguard our clients.

  1. Image Download: Images will typically be backed up at the event venue using your laptop and backup drive. In the event of a hectic schedule preventing this, the memory cards will be collected and mailed back to you via recorded delivery a few days post-event. Alternatively, if we meet beforehand, memory cards can be provided before the event begins.

  2. Attire: Dress code for events is smart casual. Avoid overly bright colors that may be distracting or unprofessional.

  3. Image Usage: Unless otherwise discussed and agreed, you have the right to use the images on your blog, social media, and website. However, due to GDPR laws, you must also secure written consent from the clients to use their images. Please credit One Vision Photography as the main photographer when posting these images and refrain from watermarking. Any submissions to blogs or features should originate from One Vision Photography.

Terms and Conditions for Main and Second Wedding Photographers/Videographers

This Agreement is between One Vision Photography, THE PRIMARY, and the independent contractor indicated on your invoice, hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACTOR. This Agreement becomes effective upon the dates of upcoming events.

Role: The CONTRACTOR operates as a work-for-hire independent contractor for the PRIMARY, providing Wedding Photography/Videography services on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Assignment: Assignments are contracted on a case-by-case basis, with no guarantee of a minimum number of contracts or hours by the PRIMARY. All CONTRACTOR work is governed by this Agreement's covenants.

Independent Contractor Status: Both parties agree that the CONTRACTOR is an independent contractor and is not an employee of the PRIMARY. This Agreement does not establish an employer-employee relationship. The CONTRACTOR assumes responsibility for all personal insurance and taxes.

Compensation: Payment will be issued to the CONTRACTOR upon the successful transfer of all photos/videos to the PRIMARY. Rates and hours will be agreed in writing prior to the event.

Delivery of Images: CONTRACTOR agrees to transfer all captured media at the end of the event immediately. If the CONTRACTOR used personal memory cards, these should be made available to the PRIMARY for download at the event's conclusion. Payment for services is contingent upon successful transfer of all media and/or memory cards to the PRIMARY.

Copyright & Reproduction Rights: The CONTRACTOR is a work-for-hire entity. Therefore, the copyrights of the images produced by the CONTRACTOR are owned by the PRIMARY. The CONTRACTOR agrees not to distribute, sell, or utilize any image taken during the contracted event without express written consent from One Vision Photography. Any usage of the images should be accompanied by a "Photographed for One Vision Photography" credit line. Under the new GDPR laws, written consent from clients is also required to use the images as they are considered personal data.

Exclusivity: The CONTRACTOR acknowledges that while executing assignments for the PRIMARY, he/she represents One Vision Photography and no other business. The CONTRACTOR shall not advertise personal business, solicit work, or distribute anything other than the PRIMARY's business cards and marketing materials.

Confidentiality: The CONTRACTOR agrees that all provided materials, price lists, contracts, financial documents, agreements, and other information are privileged, confidential, and property of the PRIMARY. This information should not be disclosed or used detrimentally against the PRIMARY.

Liability: The CONTRACTOR is liable for any financial loss suffered by the PRIMARY due to failure to perform, barring a documented medical emergency or "Act of Nature". The PRIMARY is not liable for any damage or loss to the CONTRACTOR’s equipment under this contract.

Equipment: The CONTRACTOR is responsible for providing all necessary equipment to fulfill the assignment.

Service Description: For each Event, CONTRACTOR shall: arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the event's start time, use personal equipment and supplies, capture images for the scheduled duration of the event as specified by the PRIMARY, deliver the Event media (RAW or JPEG) to the PRIMARY post-event, dress in wedding-appropriate attire, and capture high-quality images in a professional manner in keeping with industry standards. Failure to deliver the images for any reason (including equipment failure or loss of digital files) or if the images are of poor quality not within professional standards, such failure shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement, subjecting CONTRACTOR to potential damages, including but not limited to, full or partial waiver of the CONTRACTOR's Fee for that Event, reimbursement to the PRIMARY of any sums that One Vision Photography must refund to the Client(s) due to CONTRACTOR's acts or omissions, and/or the costs incurred by the PRIMARY to remedy the situation (such as additional editing/colour correction or restoration of damaged or deleted files by a third-party company). This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties. Any modifications must be in writing and signed by both parties. If any provision of this agreement is declared invalid, the remainder of the agreement will remain in force and effect."