Your One Vision Photo and Video Team

Michael Lundbeck - Wedding PhotographerMichael Lundbeck - Wedding PhotographerMichael Lundbeck One Vision Photographer owner and director of one vision photography

Michael Lundbeck

Director - Photographer - Videographer - Editor

We love to have as much fun as we can and capture beautiful photographs

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Ed Shum - Wedding PhotographerEd Shum - Wedding PhotographerEd Shum One Vision Photographer 2 shooter and main photographer

Ed Shum

My right-hand man - Main and Second Photographer

Loves to have fun and dance on the dance floor


Floyd Panizales - Wedding VideographerFloyd Panizales - Wedding VideographerFloyd Panizales One Vision Videographer filming all your weddings.

Floyd Panizales

Main Wedding Videographer  - Video Editor

He loves capturing memories that will last for a lifetime on video


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