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South Wales Aerial Photography and Video

Aerial Photography WalesCAA Approved drone pilot in south wales aerial photography and video and insurance too


Here at Flying Vision, we offer a range of services to suit your needs. Wedding videography: a fantastic way to capture a bird's eye view of your special day, having a drone filming, aerial photography in South Wales: capturing that moment from angles and locations that were not possible before drone flight can push your photo's and footage to the next level.   Surveying: If needing imagery or footage of those hard to reach areas are affordable and high-quality drones can inspect and navigate around any faulty issues on structures and buildings.   We work closely with any 3rd party members communicating to get the angle and shots needed with your footage back to you within a 48 hour period. Advertising, and more. We are fully trained and licensed under the CAA and are currently one of the only company's that are trained and offering night flying.   We pride ourselves on customer service and getting the footage that's right for you.   As well as providing various commercial services in Wales all of our footage includes editing bundled within the packages. Aerial Drone Photography and FilmIf you are looking for a commercial drone with South Wales to photograph or film from the sky. Commercial Drone AdvertSouth Wales Commercial Aerial Drone

  • Weddings Video and Photo Drone

  • Domestic and commercial building inspections

  • Public events (sporting, festivals, celebrations, etc.)

  • Quarries, wind turbines & Agriculture

  • TV & Film (advertising)

  • 3D photogrammetry


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