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brynich brecon

brynich brecon

In the heart of South Wales, set against a canvas of rolling hills and stunning landscapes, KellyJo and Samuel chose the Barn at Brynich to pledge their love for one another. At One Vision Photography, we’ve had the honor of capturing many beautiful moments, but this day truly stood out.
From the moment we began, the energy and joy were palpable. KellyJo, radiant and poised, took everyone's breath away as she made her way towards her soon-to-be husband. Samuel's gaze was fixed, his emotions clear as he awaited the woman of his dreams.
The Barn at Brynich, with its rustic elegance, provided the ideal backdrop for our photographs and film. Every corner was a blend of tradition and modernity, much like the couple themselves. The delicate floral arrangements added a touch of vibrancy, harmoniously melding with the venue's natural charm.
Throughout the day, it was the candid moments that caught our lens the most - the soft glances exchanged between KellyJo & Samuel, the spontaneous laughter shared with friends and family, and the tender touches that spoke of a love deep and true.
As the festivities transitioned into the evening, the dance floor came alive. Our cameras captured the couple's first dance, a dance of unity, love, and promises of tomorrow.
At One Vision Photography, our mission is to immortalize moments so they can be cherished for a lifetime. KellyJo & Samuel’s day was filled with such moments, and we are privileged to have been a part of their journey.