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It is very important to capture memories of your special wedding day.  This will include the signing of the registry, walking down the aisle, cutting of the cake to the very first dance as man and wife.  However there is a lot more decisive memories to capture at any wedding of which may only happen once within a secs at a time.


The decisive memories can be how the bride and groom first loving look after the first sec that they are officially married,  or the parents of the bride or groom giving them a gift or a smile of pride parents after the wedding or before the wedding, plus the bridesmaids and the best man having a joke or two.  Essentially a decisive memories is a natural reflection of which encapsulates the mood of the whole day within one or two images.

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Capturing decisive moments at any wedding a wedding photographer needs to know exactly what is happening on the day of a wedding. If the photographer arrives without a clear plan then the photographer won't be able think ahead to when these moments will occur. More importantly a wedding photographer needs to have photographic instinct, which only comes with experience.


At Your Wedding Photography we know how to capture the lifetime  moments. We always plan ahead for every wedding with our FREE detailed consultation process which makes sure we know what is happening at your wedding at every stage of the day, allowing us to anticipate when these moments will happen. We have taken photographs at hundreds of weddings, giving us the instinct to capture decisive moments at every wedding.

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