Coronavirus Protection & COVID Risk Assessment

covid19-risk-assessmentcovid19-risk-assessmentWelcome to at the Cawdors wedding venue in South wales on where we photographed and filmed this super wedding day.


One Vision Photography is taking the COVID-19 virus seriously and will take precautions relating to the Health & Safety of all customers and to minimise the risk of transfer of the virus.

At present, services are continuing to operate, although there may be restrictions, postponements or cancellations on some options so please contact us to find out what is happening to thank you.

Our New COVID Risk Assessment can be found here / if your wedding venue would like us to send it to them please copy the link thank you.



  • To protect customers One Vision Photography reserves the right to cancel or postpone any pre-booked photography service or training event should it be deemed to have the risk of transferring the COVID-19 virus. The cancellation would result in any pre-paid monies being returned to the customer. The cancellation or postponement cannot result in the customer seeking any compensation from One Vision Photography.
  • The customer should contact One Vision Photography if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or could be deemed at higher risk of having the virus due to their environmental situation.
  • The customer should not attend any training or photography shoot if they have a high risk of having or carrying COVID-19.
  • One Vision Photography services will change in compliance with Government updates, policies and guidelines.
  • One Vision Photography cannot be held liable for any actions relating to the spread of COVID-19, which are out-with his control or attempts to minimise the risk.
  • One Vision Photography cannot be held liable for any failure by venues or persons to practice risk reduction strategies relating to minimising the risk of transfer of COVID-19.
  • One Vision Photography will comply with Government legislation and regulations relating to COVID-19.
  • The customer has the right to cancel a booked photography service or training option should they be affected by COVID-19 or have concerns relating to it. Cancellation due to COVID-19 will not incur any of the penalties, which are otherwise in effect from the normal Terms & Conditions


COVID-19 Health & Safety - UPDATED

As the world comes to terms with an unprecedented health risk in COVID-19 (Coronavirus), I would like to reach out to all my clients. There is understandably heightened concern everywhere, and I would like to assure you that I will continue to work in a safe manner, in line with government advice.  

Understandably, as events unfold, schedules are changing, therefore I’m being as flexible as possible with bookings.

  • Client meetings by video/telephone only
  • Adhere to Government advice on safe working
  • Keep a safe distance of 2 metres and 1+ metres only if 2m is not viable
  • On arrival and departure at a location, wash hands or use sanitiser gel
  • No handshaking and to avoid all personal contact
  • I ask people not to touch the camera or any of the equipment
  • Avoid touching surfaces or any items, unless absolutely necessary
  • Use PPE when required to do so
  • Wear mask on shoots with people indoors
  • Stop work and self-isolate immediately if any symptom appears
  • Adhere to the site Health & Safety Policy
  • Report Covid-19 incidents to HSE via RIDDOR
  • Make people involved in the shoot aware of all the above

Updated as UK Government guidance changes