We provide you with your own official Event photographer(s) capturing the best from your event in and around South Wales as one of the best Event Photography Companies.

Competitors are able to view themselves in action on a computer screen, and then, if so desired, purchase a photo, which will be printed and framed right there and then in secs.

  • Framed is a 6x4" printed ON-SITE in 11 seconds!
  • The cost of Prints and Mounts start from £5.00
  • All 6"x4"s are printed and comes with a framed mount.
  • Set up a Full Working Studio.

You can view all images on any iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone so you can show your Friends and Families the great time you had at the event or Party, plus you share your images on social networks sites from Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, and Pin it.


Timberland event


After the event, all images are uploaded to our website on where you can view and order more prints online.  We have around 130 different photographic products to pick from.


costs you, or the event organizer,


*As long as there is more than 150 guests at any event or party.



  • The Event Photographers provides a memorable service for your participants at any event or party.
  • Adds value to your event or party.
  • Your photos will be available in secs as they are printed on-site in less than 15 secs! No waiting for photos to be delivered.
  • No input is required from you, the event organizer, allowing you to concentrate on running your event or party.
  • We provide an unobtrusive, professional service, blending into the background of your event or party.
  • Free Photography Props for your guests to take a photo with.


Here are some of the events that we have covered from Selfridges & Co Ltd, Chloe, Paul Frank, Timberland, Filipino Bridgend Party in South Wales, NHS Parties in Wales, we have also done School Proms and Parties and Birthday Parties too, so if you would like to add something different to your party or event then please give us a ring or contact us for your needs and requirements.


Travel Cost:

  • Free travel in a 25-mile area from CF31
  • Travel Cost: please contact us.

Download our Terms and Conditions

Event photography Terms and Conditions

Please send terms and Conditions back to us before the event starts.





All the PussyCat Dolls, london, selfridges and Co, All the PussyCat DollsAll the Pussycat Dolls Nicole Stcherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt, Melody Thornton. This was taken at a party in Selfridges & Co Ltd in Oxford Street London.









School, Prom, Photography, South WalesWe also do School Prom Photography across south wales.
















One Vision Photography can expect payments:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards Payment (Chip & Pin only)
  • PayPal

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Insurance documents on request for Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.