One Vision Live StreamOne Vision Live StreamLive Streaming Service in South Wales with Creative Studio and One Vision Photography and Videography

Live Streaming Professional Service

Experts in professional live streaming across multiple platforms

It is well known in today's world that live video across multiple social media platforms engages a wide audience around the world as a communication tool, and One Vision Live stream offers the very best equipped to be able live streaming providers in south Wales, with several live streams you can trust that we got you covered.  We also know overcoming issues with internet networks and stream on 3G and 4G and now 5G (subject to availability).

Live Streaming Available:

  • Live Stream Wedding Services and speeches
  • Live Stream Funerals
  • Live Stream Entertainment events
  • Live Stream Marketing events
  • Live Stream Presentations events
  • Live Stream Remote Events

With weddings and funerals are private events, and where your family or friends could not attend can also benefit from this extra service.

Live Streaming starts at £295, so please contact us with your brief on what you would like, and we will let you know; we also offer drone services.

A private website link with the password will be emailed to you to share it with your loved ones; we can set up a 2 to 4 camera broadcast quality.

Wedding Live Stream south walesWedding Live Stream south walesWedding Live Stream south wales with one vision photography

Features / live stream / virtual event service :

  • 1 to 4 multi-camera solutions with audio options – we are scalable and start with a solo-operator solution Encoder/Mixer only.
  • We can live stream to your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter/Periscope, LinkedIn, via Zoom or using our Vimeo player.
  • Our Vimeo player can be embedded in your site or viewed on its own URL
  • Unlimited concurrent viewers
  • Our HD video can be seen on all devices – desktop, iPhone, Android, tablet etc.
  • Audience feedback can be submitted live in a Chat window.
  • Password protection / log in option
  • Registration option – capture audience details
  • Live Polling: viewers votes/comments are displayed immediately
  • Live recording to mp4 or high-quality ProRes video
  • HD ProRes is transcoded to MP4 files for your website, YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • PPL & MCPL Licensed

If you have any questions about anything, then please contact us.




" I just wanted to say thank you. You did the video for mum's funeral today. Not only did it mean that many people could be a part of this who would have been there had it not been for COVID restrictions, but it also enabled us to watch it back. Your cinematography was excellent. Thank you so much." - Mrs Clark.


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