How to Use and pay with your Gift Card

1. Select your images and print size etc to be printed you can edit your images here by cropping and adding Borders.




2. Fill in your address and contact details, you can see the summary on the right-hand side plus you can see HAVE A COUPON please put your coupon code in the box and press apply.


3. Please select your shipment method here and then press continue checkout

4. In this area is very important as you can now see the Gift Coupon taken off the total price as you can see the order Summary is the same put where you can see Payment Method for the Remaining £7.30 that is the total that you would have to pay. You can pick from a credit card or PayPal to pay off the remaining balance:

For example:

Order Summary: £12.30

Gift Coupon £5.00

Total to Pay is: £7:30

If you need any help at all please feel free to contact us at any time by email or phone here click for contact details.