Wedding Photo Booth Hire Tips

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Wedding Photo Booth Tips For Your Special Day.

Are you looking for a type of non-traditional photography to add to the wedding? The open-air photo booth is a great option for couples. We set up a large background so the guests are able to use more space or bring in large groups. Here are five tips and ideas on how to create an awesome candid wedding photo booth:

Tip #1: Props, Props and More Props

Make sure you provide the guests with wedding photo booth props. Dollar stores are a great place to purchase outrageous outfits. There you can buy feather boas, chalkboards, hats, wigs, glasses, picture frames and the list goes on and on. It is also a great idea to use similar props but for different purposes. For example, if you purchase a wig it can also be used as a beard. Have a rotation in props you bring to weddings, or take the time to update your photo booth regularly. This way, your photos will have a different flair every wedding.

If you are limited in the amount of wedding photo booth decorations you can bring, be creative. Look around the reception. What are some items there that can add creativity to the photos? Napkins and silverware may still be on the tables, the bartender may have something you can borrow, or simply have someone show you the delicious wedding cake.

Also, research what your competitors are doing, and set yourself apart as a photographer. Be more abstract and creative in your thinking to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Tip #2: Expressions and Body Language

To get the best photo booth images, it’s all about the guests’ faces and body language. It is important to have your camera aimed and ready at all times to get the most genuine expressions. Even if the guests tell you to wait until they know what they want to do, start snapping. Our number one rule: the moment they step in front of the background, all shots are fair game. Many of the best photo booth photos happen when the guests are getting ready in front of the background.

Tip #3: Guide the Guests

It is common for couples, friends or family to step in front of the booth and have no idea what to do. The longer they have time to plan something, the more likely it will feel forced. Give your subjects scenarios. Ask them what their favorite things are, and give them a scene based on that. Ask them to react, but don’t give them too much time to think about what they want to do. Use a countdown so they must immediately react.

However, there are those guests that come back again and again with a different great idea every time. If the guests already have their own ideas, don’t interfere or try take control of the situation. Let their creativity run wild and be there to get each new expression.

Tip #4: Get the Guests Excited

If people aren’t coming to the photo booth, go around and mingle. Don’t be afraid to ask people if they would like their picture taken for the couple. Sell the photo booth. Have the DJ announce it throughout the night, and provide him/her with information.

Encourage people to keep coming back. It’s not a “you get one chance and that’s it” type of booth, but a night of multiple opportunities to be in front of the camera. Many people love to have their picture taken; encourage those people to come back. However, some guests may not like their photo taken, but were prodded by a friend to come. Help them feel confident and relaxed in front of the camera by guiding them (see tip number three).

Tip#5: Keep Your Wedding Photo Booth Prices Reasonable, and Advertise

Offer deals on photo booth rentals. When couples are planning a wedding, one of the main struggles is the budget. If they are excited about the photo booth, make it affordable for them. Often, couples will try to set up a do-it-yourself wedding photo booth, but their images are not near as great as they could be. If the price is reasonable and your images are outstanding, it would be difficult to turn down the photo booth option.

When couples purchase the photo booth for their wedding, it also means great advertising for you. In the photo booth you get to interact with the guests. They get to know a little more about your personality and your photography capabilities. You may receive more referrals if guests are impressed with you as a photographer. Also, having a great photo booth expands your abilities by offering a wider variety of options for couples.


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