Preparing for your spring photoshoot

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Spring Family Photoshoot

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Preparing for your spring photoshoot

Spring is all about new life, new color, new sunshine coming to the earth. So we've provided you some tricks to help you have a relaxed spring photoshoot.

1) Location

We will find you a wonderful springtime spot, with pretty buds, new blooms and bulbs arriving. We have a few special places, but if you have somewhere that you know - or is special to you - then please let us know.

2) Timing

Don't leave it too late, there is a big difference between that perfect spring appearance and when things get a bit tired in summertime. So, keep an eye on the weather and the plants around you and book early.

3) Clothing

We suggest you wear layers, spring weather can be a bit hot then cold. Layers mean we can ring the changes very quickly and easily and you don't get overheated or goosebumps.

4) Colours

Use the colors of springtime, obviously green, but blues, pinks and yellows are terrific in springtime. Go for a color theme throughout the whole group to help make you look joined. Denim jeans always work!

5) Accessories

Make your accessories work with your wardrobe. Again the colors listed above will work well. In general you want either big and chunky or small and discrete. Finely worked jewelry tends not to work too well in photographs. For women, hair accessories can be a really fine, colorful choice.

6) Shoes

Bring a few changes simply in case - the ground can be a little muddy at moments in springtime. Trainers, loafers and flats are great. Boots can work too - but not furry winter boots.

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