Helen and Nick's Wedding

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Helen and Nick

Manor Park Country House Wedding


Helen and Nick WeddingWelcome to Helen and Nicks wedding highlight video wedding was at the Manor Park Hotel in Swansea I hope you all enjoy the highlight wedding video.

Another blog! Truly one of the funniest men we've met, we have to share the beautiful Wedding of Helen and Nick at Manor Park Country House, Swansea.

The day started slightly differently to normal, as the girls were getting ready at a salon. The 3 of us were photographing and filming all morning, and then nipped back to Helen's mothers where the dresses and flowers were. While the girls were getting their final touches, we took photos of dresses and details. As soon as Helen and the girls arrived back at the house, it was all hands on deck to get dressed!
The ceremony was held at Manor Park, and we met Nick there before Helen arrived and said our hello's. It was a lovely little ceremony, and afterwards we headed out for the group shots and took some details of the Wedding Breakfast Room. After groups we took Helen and Nick for their portraits, and a quiet few moments to themselves. Shortly after it was time for the Wedding Breakfast, followed by the speeches, and then the cutting of the cake. During the evening Helen and Nick had arranged for a magician to entertain their guests, the wonderful Luke Close Up Magician! We captured some amazing reactions! As the evening drew in, it was time for the first dance, and after a couple of songs, we headed home and left them to party.

A big congratulations to Helen and Nick, thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!

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